About us

Company philosophy: traditional eyewear since 2006

Framers develops, produces and markets hand-made designer spectacles made of acetate. A young start-up company, based in Berlin, we are one of the few brands in the industry to work with the remaining spectacle manufacturers in Germany. All hand-made in Germany. Our glasses represent not just sophisticated design and lifestyle, but sustainability and tradition, as well.
In our industry, too, “hand-made in Germany” means reliability, durability and closely supervised production. We do not want the manufacturing firms of Germany to die out, taking the knowledge of their craft with them. And we have confidence in those people wearing glasses who appreciate this ambition. We actually see them as a growing market, even if ethical consumption is not a subject which guides people’s purchasing everywhere. We want to give the label of “Handmade in Germany” a new, well-served place in the market for spectacles. Not cheap imports. Not mainstream and adapted design. Not gigantic marketing expenditure and exaggerated profit margins. This means ecological and social responsibility, knowing the conditions of production, the names of the people who have made our glasses, and a personal relation with the people who sell for us world-wide. Our customers’ satisfaction defines our place in the industry after ten years: the highest standard of quality, design and craftsmanship. Clear shapes, clear lines. Our word on it!

Sincerly your Framers Team

Framers: The design

Framers: at home with Berlin style
Berlin spectacle-frame designer cultivates retro-chic with a Berlin flair: young, cheeky, yet traditionally minded
Yes, it’s always the same with the things you like best. You just can’t tear yourself away from them. Nor do you need to. because, in a magic kind of way, they belong to you. Timeless. Constant. Your own. And never brash.
Framers make favourite products such as these. For your face. The Berlin spectacle designer was looking for a sophisticated look for grown-up people. In Berlin junk stalls, in the Underground, in clubs and cafés. Glasses with a Berlin look to them. Self assured. Confident in style. Individual. And it found them in a small, definite mounting, which gave the firm its name: Framers – the frame makers. Purist, but not boring. Straight, yet daring. Retro and rebellious at the same time.
The company’s owner and the designer combine opposite poles in an amazing way. Rockabilly meets businessman. The creative mind meets the well-controlled mind, the action painter the marketing expert, who came across her at a Berlin optical business and, when she had finished her training, engaged her on the spot. Linked by a strong philosophy, which looks on design as timeless. Lifestyle for lifetime, if you like.
The Berliners promote “ethical consumption”, with a strong focus on quality, sustainability and tradition. This means primarily hand production. Framers is one of the few brands in the industry to work with the remaining spectacle manufacturers in Germany. All Handmade in Germany. The frame consists of high-quality cellulose acetate, a natural renewable product, which is expertly cut, pounded and polished by hand in a small Bavarian village. It takes three months to make a pair of Framers glasses, during which many small production stages are necessary.
Since the firm was founded eight years ago, Framers have put 39 different models onto the market in the acetate sector. These are made of high-quality cellulose acetate - a renewable natural product. Framers glasses tour confidently through the decades. The Twenties are represented by the very bohemian Deborah and Friedrich. The Fifties, somewhat bitchily, by Coco and Esmeralda. And the Eighties, solidly and angularly, by David. The sunglasses by Framers are a homage to the capital city and its inhabitants, bearing affectionate nicknames of Berlin's squares: Kotti, Görli, Boxi and Hackscha, to name just a few. Framers acetate glasses cost between 200 € and 280 €.